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Aims & Objectives


1. To impart basic medicolegal knowledge to all IMA members.

2. To train common IMA members to be ethically & legally correct in daily practice.

3. To boost confidence in common IMA member to face any medicolegal situation in routine practice.


1. The bank will prepare Powerpoint presentations of various Acts / Rules / Notifications / Provisions / etc. applicable to medical fraternity either pan India or State specific. e.g. Consumer Protection Act, Clinical Establishment Act, Bio Waste Disposal Rules, PCPNDT Act, MTP Act., Protection Of Medical Personnel From Violence & Damage To Property, related IPC sections, NMC bill, etc.

2. The bank will prepare Powerpoint presentations of Ethics applicable legally to medical fraternity e.g. Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations 2002, etc.

3. These PPTs will contain basic knowledge about related Acts / Regulations.

4. Once a PPT on a topic is prepared, it will be posted on Team IMA for inputs.

5. These inputs will be incorporated in the PPT and the PPT will be uploaded on www.ima-india.org [3] .

6. Then, all the leaders will be requested to download the PPT and spread the knowledge at their local branches as per local setup e.g. one topic in monthly meeting / one hour meeting on any weekday / posting bites on local Whatsapp group / etc. In fact, anybody will be able to download the PPT and get the knowledge.

7. The leaders will be requested to report the activity to respective Branch & State President & Secretary and e mail the activity to team-ima@googlegroups.com with copy to drkknpima2017@gmail.com, ravinpe1718@gmail.com, imahsg2016.18@gmail.com, hsg@ima-india.org and hello@drdineshthakare.com.

8. Once the system is in place, whatever new Act / Regulation comes in, it will be uploaded on the website in simplified language in the format of PPT, will be informed on Team IMA / by sms and the leader(s) shall spread the update to his branch members.

Jai IMA.


Dr.Ravi Wankhedkar,


Dr.Dinesh Thakare.

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